Many, many times, when it comes to Kickstarter watches, we’re just as “in the dark” as you are, and are working from tech specs and photos. On a few occassions, we’re actually able to handle a prototype before (or during) a campaign kicking off, and can give you some independent thoughts to help inform your purchasing decision. Here, we’re back in the former category (working from images and specs), but it’s unique – you can actually get entered to win a Louis Chevrolet LC9 before the Kickstarter campaign closes out.

That does mean that, like the backers, you’ll need to wait to receive your Louis Chevrolet LC9 until the campaign closes out and the watches are actually built – which at this point is to be estimated to be in June of 2020. Still, a little patience isn’t that bad, especially when you’re getting a watch that looks like this, no?

On one hand, the Louis Chevrolet LC9 sort of looks and feels like an aviator, with the larger triangular hands. But then you’ve got that set of numbers running around the dial that aren’t for the hours or minutes. Those, as it turns out, are for the date. How’s it indicated? Glad you asked – rather than another pointer hand going around on the pinion (which I really don’t care for) they’ve put another disc under the dial, which indicates the current date. Not only that – that date indication (and the days of the month) are actually lumed – so yes, you WILL know what day it is, even in the dark.

Is this earth-shattering or world-changing? No, not really – but it speaks to a “tweaked” design that I think many will be keen on. It’s just enough of a “different” look – powered by either an ETA 2824 or a Swiss quartz – that I think will grab your attention. And yes, this Chevrolet is the same one that gave his name to the Detroit car company we know today – as well as the French race car company (Frontenac) that you may not know.

The full details of the watch can be found down below, and once we can get a loaner, well, we’ll give you our thoughts. In the mean time, you can get your entry in by heading over to the giveaway page, and then check out the full campaign once it launches later this month.

Tech Specs from Louis Chevrolet

Automatic Quartz
Reference Frontenac LC9 Frontenac LC11
Weight 68 grams 64 grams
Case Stainless steel 316L
(Some models with rose gold 5N, black or blue PVD treatement)
Stainless steel 316L
(Some models with rose gold 5N, black or blue PVD treatement)
Crystal Two faces anti-reflecting sapphire crystal Two faces anti-reflecting sapphire crystal
Waterproof 50 meters / 5 ATM 50 meters / 5 ATM
Luminescence Hands, indexes & date Hands, indexes & date
Movement ETA 2824/2 elaborated Modified date disc Ronda 515 Quartz; Modified date disc
Visible movement Yes No
Indications Hours, minutes, central second, flying date Hours, minutes, central second, flying date
Autonomy Power reserve of 38 hours Autonomy of 45 month
Decoration 25 rubis
Quantity Numbered Edition Numbered Edition
Label Swiss Made Swiss Movement

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