In honor of Casio’s 40th anniversary, the company just launched the Remaster Black Collection, a remake of the classic DWE5657RE-1, DW6640RE-1, and GA2140RE-1A watches.

From the release:

Paying homage to the DW5600C and DW5700C, the DWE5657RE-1 combines the two iconic watches that first debuted in 1987 and kicked off G-SHOCK’s growing popularity throughout the 1990s and beyond, in a way that keeps the original models faithfully maintained while providing upgrades to the watch’s design features. A unique core guard structure allows for the interchanging of the bezel for two different looks to be enjoyed, reminiscent of the DW-5600 or DW-5700. A new Super Illuminator and five-year battery round out some of the technical enhancements.

The foundation of the DW6640RE-1 is rooted in the DW-6600, a digital watch that made its debut in 1994. With the first-ever electroluminescent (EL) backlight in a G-SHOCK, the unique graphic display and backlight have been upgraded to highlight the brand’s continuing evolvement. Preserving the original round case design and front button, the DW6640RE-1 now has Super Illuminator, which, when activated, showcases the 40th-anniversary logo, in addition to an extended battery life of five years. 

The G-Shocks are pretty standard and feature:

?      Shock Resistance

?      200M Water Resistance

?      1/100s Stopwatch (24 Hr)

?      1s, 24hTimer (24 Hr)

?      Multi-Function alarm (DWE5657RE-1 & DW6640RE-1)

?      5 Daily Alarms (GA2140RE-1A)

?      LED Backlight (Super Illuminator) – (DWE5657RE-1 & DW6640RE-1)

?      Double LED Light (Super Illuminator) – (GA2140RE-1)

?      Full Auto Calendar

?      Flash Alert (DWE5657RE-1 & DW6640RE-1)

?      World Time 31TZ, 48Cities+UTC (GA2140RE-1A)

The watches are surprisingly affordable with the DWE5657RE-1 retailing for $180 and the DW6640RE-1 and GA2140RE-1A retailing for $150. I love the black-on-black styling and bold stamped face and these things look like they’ll be eminently collectable for folks who have been looking into acquiring Casio limited editions.

Check out the video version of this post below: