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Tot el camp (plam plam plam) és un clam (plam plam plam), som la gent blau-grana!

I bet you didn’t expect to see the opening words of the FC Barcelona theme song here on WristWatchReview, but then again I never expected the team to partner with Casio for the creation of a limited edition, $230 G-Shock, formally known as the G-SHOCK x MATCHDAY GBD100BAR-4.

Seasoned G-Shock vets will immediately recognize this as a GBD-100, but one that’s been decked out in the colors of the team (“blau-grana”).

Image Credit: Casio

This collaboration appears to have been announced about three weeks ago but it’s only now just reached our inbox. We’re hearing that it was created to go along with the “Matchday: Inside FC Barcelona” documentary that’s available on the team’s Barca TV+ streaming platform.

My take: I’m a fan of G-Shock and a fan of FC Barcelona. I was so obsessed with the sport as a younger man that, after graduating from college in 2008, I spent several months in Barcelona (I was able to work remotely for my US-based employer, TechCrunch) to sorta dip my toe into reporting on the team (and soccer more generally). 

So I think I can say, I don’t mind it. It’s probably not something you’d wear every day, but every once in a while? Sure. On game day? Of course. 

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