Obris Morgan is a brand that I became familiar with back when I first started writing for WWR. Just as I like to think that I’ve come along in the intervening years, so has Obris Morgan. At the end of last year, they introduced their latest watch, the Obris Morgan Port.

It should go without saying that the Obris Morgan Port looks rather unlike anything that we’ve seen come from the brand previously. This is for a variety of reasons – the practically sterile dial, the leaf handset, and even the thin-but-toothy bezel. These all combine to make a unique look on the case, and the icing on this unique cake is the strap.

Here, we’re giving what looks to be a rather unique connection method; closer examination shows that it actually gives you a lot of flexibility. First off, the strap is set into the lugs just as with any other watch. So, if something goes wrong with the strap, you can pop the stock one out and put your favorite 20mm strap in there. If you want to keep the setup they’ve got on the stock, well, you can do that as well – looks like we’ve got a spring bar holding the strap into the articulating bit of the strap end, so you should be able to swap things out there as well.

Frankly, it’s just a very unique and interesting look for what is, ostensibly, a dive watch. A 200m WR rating and that bezel point us to that. But it’s also more refined in terms of sizing, at just 39mm diameter and 11.4mm thick. So, really, we might look at this as more of an everyday watch that has had some sportier accoutrements added onto it. However you look at it, there’s no denying that you won’t find anything else that looks quite like the $369 Obris Morgan Port. They had been operating this under a pre-order process, which looks to be closed now. Still, I imagine we’ll see some of these come available. Check it out over at obrismorgan.com

Tech Specs from Obris Morgan

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  1. dont know if there is a problem at Obris, but they arent shipping the new watch or answering emails.

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