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Introducing the Limes Pharo BigDate with PowerReserve

When it comes to brands that I consider to be part of the Ickler family of watches, Limes is definitely the better-dressed older brother.  In that, while the cases are sturdy steel and carry a hint of sport to them, the overall design has that dressy feel.  Earlier this year we told you about the Limes Pharo DayDate.  If that caught your eye, but you’re not one for day complications, then perhaps the newly-announced Limes Pharo BigDate with PowerReserve will be just the thing.

Limes wants you to see their new Pharo DayDate

Guess who’s back?  Limes is back!  Well, they were never gone, but the Limes Pharo DayDate has not been available for a bit now.  While we have focused – in the past – on their sportier pieces, there’s something to be said about a well-executed dress watch, and the Limes Pharo DayDate is precisely that.

Introducing the Limes Endurance PD – Making a Plain Watch on Purpose?

Ok, the only thing that’s really plain on this watch is the dial, and why yes, they did that on purpose. So, though I answered my own question, we do have a little more to talk about.  I really like the line of Limes Endurance dive watches(which I talked about here). This new model, the Limes Endurance PD kind of threw me off a bit at first. So what is the difference between the Limes Endurance and the Limes Endurance PD?  They are exactly the same – except for the PD(plain dial).