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Molarity Watch Group Deep Diver Review


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It”s been a year and a half since we reviewed the Vintage from the folks at Molarity Watch Group (seen here), which I concluded was a little bit of a mixed bag (dug the styling, but it had some faults).  Well, in those intervening months, new models have been released, and today we”ll be taking a look at their Deep Diver.

REVIEW: Molarity Watch Group Vintage (Part 2)


Yesterday, we started taking a look at the Vintage watch from the Molarity Watch group.  Today, we’ll wrap up our review, point out some areas for improvement, and give you our conclusion.

REVIEW: Molarity Watch Group Vintage (Part 1)


So, how many of you pay attention to those banner ads that you see on various watch blogs and forums?  Aside from WWR, that is, of course!  Well, if you have, you will likely find this company at least somewhat familiar – Molarity Watch Group.  I found the styling intriguing, so I contacted the company, they were willing to send along a sample of their Vintage model.  So, not too surprisingly, that’s what we’ll have a look at today.