So, how many of you pay attention to those banner ads that you see on various watch blogs and forums?  Aside from WWR, that is, of course!  Well, if you have, you will likely find this company at least somewhat familiar – Molarity Watch Group.  I found the styling intriguing, so I contacted the company, they were willing to send along a sample of their Vintage model.  So, not too surprisingly, that’s what we’ll have a look at today.

Of the three variants they have of their watch, this was (not too surprisingly) my favorite of the bunch – it seems that I’m just drawn in by the vintage-y color combo of beige, black and brown.  Thankfully, there’s some nice functionality to go with the styling.

The biggest bit of functionality is the chronograph feature.  The seconds are marked out by the large second hand on the dial, and then the minutes are tracked by the sub-dial on the left.  The pushers controlling the chrono have a pleasing click, and operated smoothly.

The other subdial (on the right) offers up a 24 hour indicator, which is something I’m growing to appreciate more, if for no other reason you know where you are in the timing cycle when you’re setting the time and date.  And last, but certainly not least, you’ve got the date display (finally in black!) at the 4 o’clock position.

And that’s going to conclude the first part of our look at the MWG Vintage model.  Tomorrow, we’ll run down the rest of the specs, point out some improvements that can be made, and give my conclusion on the watch.

ByPatrick Kansa

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