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Earlier this year I was attending an alumni event and the subject matter turned to watches (how I turned it there I don’t recall). One of the group asked what I would recommend for her to get her boyfriend as a gift. My first question was how much money she wanted to spend. When she said roughly $1,000, I immediately recommended a Weiss. Her question also got me thinking about how I could organize the 2015 holiday gift guide. So for this iteration, I will recommend my favorite watch (or watch related gift) in each of several price ranges. Chances are, if I like it, especially if it under about $1,500, we have covered it in the past, since that is the kind of people we are; but there may be watches here (especially at the high end) that have not graced our pages.


I have made no secret over my affinity for the watches coming from Mühle-Glashütte. There is just something about their refined-yet-utilitarian designs that grabs my attention. One of the more recent models, the M29, also spoke to my background on working with dial gauges in a previous life. Well, if you liked that overall style, but find yourself more drawn to aviation watches, then perhaps the Mühle-Glashütte Terrasport I Beobachter is more to your liking.


I have to admit, I am certainly an appreciator of watches that embody symmetry. While no watch is going to end up being perfectly balanced (often, if north-south is good, east-west will be off, or vice versa), there are more than a handful that do certainly embody this approach to watch design. One of the latest of these that caught my eye is the Mühle-Glashütte Teutonia II Großdatum Chronometer.