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Ocean 7 LM-8 Professional Deep Diver, Hands On


Ocean 7 was nice enough to ship out their LM-8 Professional Deep Diver watch for a review, and I was able to spend a few days with it.  The first thing you notice when you take it out of the box is that this watch is substantial, which is to be expected for a watch rated to 2,000 meters.  OK, it is more than substantial, it is heavy.  And big.  There is a possibility that I have held heavier wrist watches (I am sure there are some beasts out there that I have not seen as well), but if I have, it was not by much. 

Ocean7 LM-7 PloProf Review


Ocean7-LM7-Ploprof (1)

So, remember back when I wrote about the original Omega PloProf (here) earlier this month?  If you do, you’ll recall that I mentioned our friends over at Ocean7 have a model inspired by the original, their LM-7 Professional PloProf Hardened Titanium Diver.  Today, we’ll be taking a look at their original version (they just introduced a two-tone bezel variant).

Ocean7 LM2 V2 Review



Ocean7-LM2-V2 (10)

It’s been awhile since we’ve had Ocean7 on our pages, so it seems fitting that we’ll pick back up with them with one of their more popular watches that just got re-introduced: The LM2 V2.

REVIEW: Ocean7 Classic 12



Ocean7 Classic 12 (2)

Yesterday, we brought you word of an upcoming dress watch that’s available for pre-order.  Today, we’ll stay in the dress segment, but focus in on (with a hands-on review) of a model that’s available today.





If you’ve read my earlier reviews of the Ocean7 LM-5 models (here and here), you’re aware that I’m a fan of this particular line, due, in large part, to the lumed sapphire bezel that is installed.  This latest model, the LM-5CQ, introduces 




It’s been awhile since we took a trip into the Ocean7 catalog (you can see our other reviews here), and today, we’re revisiting one of my favorite models that’s had a very nice update done to it.

REVIEW: AirNautic AN-24M 24-Hour Watch (Part 2)



Yesterday, we started to take a look at the AirNautic AN-24M (from Ocean7), covering some of the design inspiration for the watch, and why it’s split out from the main Ocean7 line (or, at least, my take on it).  Today, we’ll get into the details of this 24-hour watch.

REVIEW: AirNautic AN-24M 24-Hour Watch (Part 1)



We’re certainly no stranger to watches with 24-hour indicators (in sub-dial or GMT hand variants) on this blog.  However, to my knowledge, I’ve never reviewed a true 24-hour watch.  Well, until today, that is!

REVIEW: Ocean7 LM-2AD Analog/Digital (Part 1)


Ocean7 is a brand I’ve been reviewing here on WWR for a bit now, and they’ve always had an interesting mix of mechanical watches in their portfolio (the LM-5 is one of my favorites) – the emphasis here being mechanical.  Just recently, however, they’ve put a new quartz model in the mix, and that’s what we’ll take a look at today.

REVIEW: Ocean7 Meteor Ceramic (Part 2)



Yesterday, we started taking a look at the ceramic-encased Meteor from Ocean7.  today, we’ll have a look at the remainder of the specs, and wrap up our review.