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Afternoon Beer Break: Getting chocolatey with Rogue

As you know, we’ve reviewed several different beers from Rogue Ales so far. With one exception, we’ve focused primarily on their IPAs. Well, not everyone likes to get all hopped up. As a matter of fact, before I switched to IPAs, dark porters and stouts were my favorite. Today, we’ve got a double-whammy, taking a look at two different Rogue Chocolate Stouts.

Afternoon Beer Break: Rogue Batsquatch Hazy IPA

Our last Afternoon Beer Break seemed rather well-received, so we’re back with another edition (and do foresee this continuing on).  In the last shipment we had in from our unofficial official beer of WWR, Rogue, we had to varieties come in.  We had the Rogue Outta Line, which we reviewed the other week; today, we’ll cover off on the other one that came in, the Rogue Batsquatch Hazy IPA.

Afternoon beer break: lining up the Rogue Outta Line IPA

Well, there’s no official contract in place, nor will you see any manner of ads plastered all over the place here.  But, suffice to say, Rogue has become the “unofficial” beer of WWR.  They took a chance on our expanded coverage (fun, affordable stuff that we – and you – like), and we’ve gotten to experience some of their new releases.  Today, we’ll have a look at the Rogue Outta Line IPA.