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In Review (and funding soon): Vesuviate Volare GMT

As I’ve said in the past, one of the best parts about writing on watches is getting familiar with new brands starting out. As things progress along, we’re generally able to start seeing at least photos and specs in advance, and sometimes we even get to spend some time with a prototype. While we’ve had plenty of excitement around here for the new Seiko GMT movement, this is the first one we’ve gone hands-on with. Meet the soon-to-be-funding Vesuviate Volare GMT.

Coming soon to Kickstarter: the Vesuviate Doppio

When we’re talking about crowdfunded watches, we’re often telling you once the campaign is underway – and we don’t normally have a chance to go hands-on. Well, today’s review is a bit different as it IS a hands-on review, and it’s for a watch that doesn’t launch until July 28th – the Vesuviate Doppio.