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WT Author is one of those brands that I’ve been pleasantly surprised to run across. They have been creating watches unlike what we had seen prior (at least in the modern era of watches), and they have an overarching plan (and timeline) for how their total collection will play out. We saw it start off with the WT Author 1905 (link), then move on to the 1914 (link), and most recently, the 1929 (link). While we had been able to provide hands-on impressions of the latter two models, that first had been limited to just the pictures we had seen, and viewing it through the lens of the design cues that carried forward onto the subsequent models. As fortune would have it, we were able to work with WT Author to have a WT Author 1905 sent over, so let’s travel back in time and have a look at what it offers.


WT Author is one of those brands that I have been pleasantly surprised to run across. Along with some rather unique styling (as shown on the WT Author 1905), there is an overarching storyline that accompanies that watches; this is something we explored a bit with our review of the WT Author 1914. As we noted in that review, the watches (and their stories) jump forward in time. With their latest release, the brand is going ahead 15 years, with the introduction of the WT Author 1929.