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Oris & Redbar Collaborate On Limited Edition Divers Sixty-Five

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If you’ve been reading the various watch blogs, or listening to any of the watch Podcasts for any length of time you’re likely familiar with collaboration pieces. In essence, a manufacturer gets together with a group to produce a limited edition version of one of their collections, with the group identified in some fashion on the watch, usually via custom colors and/or text on the dial or case back. In the case of the Oris Divers Sixty-Five Redbar Limited Edition, I’m fully on board.

Parmigiani Fleurier Custom Bugatti Type 390

Parmigiani Fleurier is well known for unique complications – the extending and retracting hands on the Ovale being one example. In 2004 to celebrate their partnership with Bugatti, Parmigiani released the Bugatti Collection. These watches were something you’d expect out of an Urwerk or an MB&F, but were a bit off the beaten path for Parmigiani. Nonetheless, the collection has found success and continues to be offered to this day. The Bugatti Type 390 was designed to reflect the organic lines of Bugatti’s Chiron supercar released in 2016.

Halda Race Pilot Group 63 Edition is a real racing chrono

As the resident racer on the team here at WWR, it’s my privilege to be able to review watches that are said to be “inspired by motor sport.” As a matter of fact, I just recently reviewed such a piece in the Marchand Legacy. While the Marchand truly is a reflection of the owner’s love and passion for the sport, many are simply marketing exercises with little or no direct connection to racing or the automobile. The Halda Race Pilot is not one of those pieces, and today Halda has announced a special edition for Group 63, an exclusive Mercedes AMG model owners club based out of the UAE.

On the wrist with Difues Straps


In these modern times, it pays to look a little beyond our front door. There are all kinds of artisans out there in this big world making beautiful things and it’s rewarding to seek them out. Maxim Difues is the man behind Difues straps of Belarus, and his quality is impeccable.

Vortic Boston 48, Take a Step Back in Time

Vortic Boston 48 - 1I very rarely get excited about the packaging of a watch; hey its a box…  If there is an accessory in there, a watch roll, a tool, spare straps, then it is a nice bonus.  But when I pulled the Vortec Boston 48 out of it’s shipping box to reveal the outer packaging, string wrapped and wax sealed, I instantly felt like I was unwrapping an old school product, even though it was shipped vial UPS next day from ½ way across the country.

Lew & Huey modification options, customize your watch

Lew Huey Mod 05How do you breathe new life into your watch?  Well, one way is to swap out the strap.  We have covered a lot of straps here on the site, but that only goes so far.  What if you really want to change things up a bit?  Or what if you like a watch, but just not the exact color scheme on offer?  The folks at Lew & Huey have you covered (if you have a Cerberus or Orthos) with their current pre-sale on Lew & Huey modification parts for these two watches.  You can either order them for a watch you already own, or order a new modified watch from the brand.

A happy reader’s custom watch



Reader Jeff wanted to make a coin-face watch using his own coin. I basically suggested hitting 47th Street in New York with the coin, a cool watch, and a plan and a few months later, he sends me this image of the finished product. It’s amazing what a good jeweler can do when working with a knowledgeable customer. Congrats, Jeff!

The Latest from DBrooker, Custom Face Maker

Here’s a great NOS Gruen redone by Dennis Brooker, a custom watchmaker.

I just put one of my custom dials in my 1st mechanical watch – A NOS Gruen I got off of Ebay with an ETA 2824-2 – I used a reallllly nice piece of Awabi shell.

Quite striking, non?

Product Page

Great Big Custom Watch


I love watching custom pieces take shape. This one is no exception:

First, a friend of mine fabricated a case modeled after the MM20 with a custom broze crown tube and a sterile stainless steel back. He also fabricated a sandwich dial from a brass blank and modeled it after the MM20 minus the seconds sub-dial. Next, I finished the top sandwich dial with a flat black and flat clear coat to give it a vintage look. I also relumed the dial and hands with a custom blend of lume to give it a nice pantina look. The final steps were to polish the whole case and use the “wabi” technique to rough it up a bit. This was followed by putting everything together to make the Unitas movement fit and pressing on a new plastic crystal, which was done by my watch maker.

New to the Board and wanted to share my project watch… [BIG Watch Forum]

Wooden Clock Kit

90682693_dfa1bf5167_m.jpgKrazyDad reviews a super cool wooden clock kit made of pressboard, dowels, and not much else. Very George Washington Carver.

Here are the components spread out. Most of the parts are laser cut plywood. There are also some dowels, screws, nylon washers and string. The kit comes with a detailed and helpful 43 page instruction manual, that is *much* better than the terse instructions that come with IKEA furniture. Jeff is very careful to navigate you through most of the potential “gotchas” that will occur during the construction process. I started working on the clock about 2 and a half weeks ago, working mostly on weekends. All in all, I’ve probably spent about 20 hours on it thus far.

The Ascent – A Wooden Clock Kit [KrazyDad]