My First Watch Smelled Like Photographic Chemicals

January 31, 2017 . by Ken Nichols

My first watch was a hand-me-down – and I still have it! Dad really didn’t remember the history of the Wyler Incaflex Dynawind but it didn’t matter. I had my own history with it.

Dear Hopeful Crowd Funded Watchmakers – An Open Letter from a Fan

October 25, 2015 . by Matt Himmelstein

Dear Hopeful Crowd Funded Watchmaker; Allow me to start by saying that I think you are doing something really cool, and that I am a huge fan. This is the first time in history where the power to build, market and sell a watch is not vested in the few, but open to anyone with an idea and a bit of money. I think that a lot of the projects that you come up with are attractive, interesting and offer a great value. Heck, I have backed a couple of projects myself. And to keep from singling anyone out, the crowdfunded projects I show here are the projects that I feel are doing it the right way.

Inside Nivarox, The Most Important Company You’ve Never Heard Of

December 6, 2011 . by John Biggs

In the strange, small world of watchmaking, there’s lots of money to be made on items that we would call, at best, totemic. To make those items, you still need small mechanical parts. That’s where Nivarox comes in. UPDATE – Just realized Patrick already wrote his, but I’ll leave this up for Twitter folks. Also,…

WristWatchReview Is Seven Years Old

November 28, 2011 . by John Biggs

I was just poking around when I noticed that WWR was born in June, 2006 and, having missed the big day, I thought I’d celebrate now. It’s been a long couple of years, many of them dry and desiccated thanks to my many intervening gigs including EIC of Gizmodo and now TechCrunch. But I founded…

Hunting For A Tide Watch

May 21, 2009 . by John Biggs

I recently developed a burning need for a watch that displays tides. No, not the University of Alabama Crimson Tides, the ocean’s tides. High tide, low tide, slack tide, whether the tide is coming in or going out have much more import for me than ever before. This calls for a new watch.

Velociphile says “Horology is Dead”

March 1, 2008 . by John Biggs

I’ll comment on this shortly, but I want to put this up before I forget about it. Horology, which has become reduced to a market serving platitude. With popularity, watches have become predictable, and regrettable. Horology’s fundamental ideals are compromised for the market, lost in plain sight, leaving only the impurities precipitated from it. Here’s…

Wow: Laptops can affect accuracy!

February 1, 2008 . by John Biggs

/> The little experiments and photos were taken in April 2007, and had forgotten all about it. I’m a notebook-user, and I’ve sent 2 watches for abnormal daily rate getting faster without placing my watches near mobile, speakers or even bags with the magnetic clips! There is only one thing I use daily and many…