3 Lessons Learned While Speed-Dating Watchmakers

January 16, 2017 . by Ken Nichols

I recently returned from a week photographing the annual conference of American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute (AWCI). I was there to teach photography and get images of the event that has been held annually since 1960. I felt like I was speed-dating at a club of modern-day watchmaking shamans, who openly talked about missing their watch bench and the trance-state in…

How to buy a watch

December 2, 2008 . by John Biggs

I’m just full of helpful hints this week. This one comes after seeing a comment on my other site, WristWatchReview about the BR02, a 1000M diver with a fairly striking design. I liked it when I saw it but at $4,800 I could probably pass. But did you know you could get it for a…

How to polish a watch

December 2, 2008 . by John Biggs

OK. I just suffered a fairly hair-raising situation with my new baby. Due to my own carelessness, I dinged the Jaeger a few times and wanted to polish them out. I got a few types of polish including one designed for delicate metals and tried to do it by hand. BAD IDEA. This created a…

PSA: Accuracy and Precision

October 17, 2008 . by John Biggs

A pet peeve of mine – using the words accuracy and precision incorrectly, and failing to make a distinction between the two. Accuracy; “degree of conformity of a measure to a standard or a true value” accuracy. (2008). In Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary. Retrieved October 6, 2008, from http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/accuracy Precision; “the degree of refinement with which…

Great new blog: Tick Talk

April 24, 2008 . by John Biggs

Sure, we can talk about watches all we want, but can we say we know how to remove a watch cyclops? Tick Talk is a blog by a certified watchmaker and he tells the story of Cyclopsi in real life. There are two kinds of people in the world, those who like a cyclops and…

Tip: Loose the Wife

August 22, 2007 . by John Biggs

One man asks the ultimate question: How can I hide my watches from my wife? My wife has made a deal with me that allows me to purchase a watch every two years, my last watch I purchased was only a few months ago. I have been wanting to buy Sinn U1, oh so bad…

What’s the Deal With Blued Screws

February 21, 2007 . by John Biggs

Great thread on PMWF about blued screws. Some screws have the slot “silver” and the rest of the screw. Visit for the answer to the riddle. What I expect is >>