One man asks the ultimate question: How can I hide my watches from my wife?

My wife has made a deal with me that allows me to purchase a watch every two years, my last watch I purchased was only a few months ago. I have been wanting to buy Sinn U1, oh so bad . Good thing is that I control the finances, so as far as her finding out about the purchase I could keep that a secret, but here are the problems, since it is a Sinn, I would have to purchase it through an online AD, and when using a credit card they will ship to billing address, but even if I get it delivered to another address, how do I put it into my collection without her finding out since my collection, is pretty out in the open, and of course she would find out if I was wearing the watch in her presence. Sometimes I wish I was single, and didn’t have to worry about the significant other getting on my case about my watch obsession.

How to hide a new watch from your wife – [Watchuseek Watch Forums]

ByJohn Biggs

John lives in Brooklyn and has loved watches since he got his first Swatch Irony automatic in 1998. He is the editor of WristWatchReview.

10 thoughts on “Tip: Loose the Wife”
  1. Why do so many men have to “ask permission” from their wives to make a significant purchase?

    Fifty years ago, it was “Father knows Best” and “Man of the House”. Today, men are simply marrying a replacement mommy; a woman who will wash their underwear, tuck them in bed and give them a weekly allowance.

    I hate to get harsh on you, but grow a pair and spend YOUR money however you want. Of course, if you’re shortsighted enough to be spending this month’s mortgage on watches, then you deserve to have someone else managing your money.

    However, we’re all smarter than that. Stand up my fellow brothers and STOP hiding your watches from your wives. Stop begging them, hat in hand, to release funds so you can indulge in your passion. How would John Wayne handle this situation? Or Gary Cooper? Or Tony Soprano?

    Do what you want, your wives will get over it.

  2. >Fifty years ago, it was “Father knows Best” and
    >“Man of the House”.

    It’s a lot easier for a woman to make a good living today, so it is a lot easier for her to walk out and not look back if she chooses.

    If a guy wants to drop one to several months rent on a watch (depending on the rent and the watch), and he hasn’t worked out a “my hobby money/your hobby money” (10% of the take-home pay works for us) scheme with the missus, he should talk to her first.

    On the other hand, to try to hide something like this from your wife is pretty foolish. The least that will happen is she will get much nosier about every little thing. You should expect the “What else have you been hiding and where does the w***e live?” questions. Go for it openly and accept the consequences, negotiate it and accept a compromise, or bide your time and quietly save the money to make it happen.

    Now my wife indulges my watch habit, and has bought me three luxury watches over the past decade (two of which are the two most expensive watches in my collection), and been remarkably tolerant of my purchases. She’s even fairly tolerant and amused by my efforts to find the perfect watch for her.

  3. A Polish Wife, not only would find the watch, she also will hold that against you for the rest of your life! I would wait till the next approved purchase, if that was me. Z powa?aniem CTWG

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