We’ve written about the Berd Vay’e sculptures in the past, because they are just so darn cool. Sure, the price tag puts them mostly out of reach for me, but a fellow can dream about having one on his desk, can’t he? While the prior ones have been a bit chaotic (see here), this latest version puts things into an organic form.

By that, I mean spheres. While the prior sculptures have required precise placement that looks like an explosion of parts, this new Galaxy requires (I imagine) even more precision yet. You’ve got the globes of watch gears set in there looking like a mini, self-contained universe, all within the Borg ship. Or so I imagine. These look awesome as they are – I can only hope they experiment with making those individual globes luminous (even different colors, how sweet would that be?) If you want to pick one up, a cool $7,500 is what you need to bring. berdvaye.com

Details from Berd Vay’e

  • Each sculpture has between 2,000 – 2,500 vintage watch parts within and is one-of-a-kind – every single watch part is placed by hand!
  • Limited edition 999 pieces
  • All handcrafted in North America
  • Each piece takes 3-4 days to create (a repeated of curating the Lucite, baking and polishing)
  • Cube is 9.5? x 9.5? x 9.5? and weighs 39 lbs.
  • Pricepoint is $7,500 USD
  • Sold at TOURNEAU, London Jewelers, Govberg, Westime, Cellini etc. etc. – all the big name fine jewelry and watch stores in the US and around the world

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Last Update: November 25, 2019

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