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Wearing the oh so blue Phoibos Eagle Ray 300M

This is my sixth Phoibos watch review and – as with the previous five – I was not disappointed. The Eagle Ray is probably their most popular model and they comes in a few different styles. This is the new Phoibos Eagle Ray 300M Blue dial. They were kind enough to send one out for review and I like what I see.

Watch the world with the Ball Engineer Master ll Diver Worldtime

I’ve been fortunate to handle a variety of different watches from Ball as of late. While I tend to request models that sort of fit into my own personal tastes, sometimes it can be good to get out of that comfort zone, and check out something a little different. That’s the boat I found myself rowing when the Ball Engineer Master ll Diver Worldtime landed on my review desk.

Getting colorful with the Liv Rebel AR

To my eyes, the Liv watches are very recognizable, particularly their Rebel lineup. I first went hands-on with one here, so that may contribute to my recognition of it. With their latest version – the Liv Rebel AR – they’ve made some adjustments and brought things to a more affordable level.

Introducing the Defakto Vektor Orbit

Now, I know what you’re thinking – I’m trying to pull a fast one on you, right? Honest, I’m not! It just so happens that this watch looks a LOT like the Defakto Transit Standard, which we reviewed here. Trust me, they are different! Let’s talk about what makes the Defakto Vektor Orbit it’s own beast.

Introducing the H. Moser Pioneer Centre Seconds Swiss Mad Red

Wow – for all of the restrained elegance in the H. Moser designs, they certainly did not hold back when putting the name together for this new watch, did they? Good-natured joking aside, any time a new watch comes from this brand, I pay attention. And the H. Moser Pioneer Centre Seconds Swiss Mad Red is certainly an attention-grabber.

Introducing Endatto Watches

If you’re going to come out with a new watch, you really need to figure out how to make the design stand out. That could be done with complications or interesting case designs. But what it you’re starting with a classic case shape and a basic three-hander-plus-date? Well, if you’re Endatto Watches, you focus in on the dial.

Hands-on with the Yema Superman GMT Khaki

Yes, yes indeed – Yema week marches on! So far, we’ve told you about a very nice vintage-look diver (the Yema Superman 63) and a brand new aviator (the Yema Flygraf Pilot). Now, we’re bringing you a hands-on review from the Superman lineup (and one I hinted at in Monday’s article) – the Yema Superman GMT Khaki.

Introducing the Yema Superman 63

While we didn’t initially plan it to be this way, this week is turning out to be, well, Yema week. We’ve got two new releases to tell you about, as well as a hands-on review that we just recently wrapped up. Today, we’ve got the first of one of the new releases just hitting, the Yema Superman 63.

The Alpina Seastong Gyre – it’s for the oceans!

Of all the many things that 2020 has had contained within it, one thing I absolutely was not expecting to see was a surge in products being made from plastics being salvaged from the ocean. One of the latest happens to be the Alpina Seastong Gyre.

Now funding: The Mercer Nomad GMT

It’s been a long three years since we had Mercer on our pages (you can see that here). It’s not that we’ve been ignoring them, it’s just, well, life marches on and things can fall off the radar. But I’ll say, I got some very strong pings when I caught word of the Mercer Nomad GMT hitting Kickstarter.