Here’s an obvious case of conspicuous consumption. Check out the Celsius X VI II Micro-Mechanical Remontage Papillon Tourbillon mobile phone. Retail on this bad boy is going to set you back about $275,000. For a phone.

Created by French design house Celsius X VI II, this particular phone has 547 hand finished mechanical components, which makes it more of an art piece then a utilitarian gadget. When you open the phone, it activates the mechanical movement inside, which apparently winds the mechanism. It’s still a little unclear exactly what else this thing does (other then make phone calls) but there should be more details available next week when it’s unveiled at Basalworld. Regardless of what the final functionality is, it looks extremely cool. Is it worth $275,000? I leave that up to you.

[Via Watchismo]

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Last Update: March 14, 2010

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