Christopher Ward, a British company who have an expanding range of mechanical and quartz watches have released details of an interesting new model, the C11, an aviator/instrument styled watch which is in the vein of Bell and Ross’ BR-01.

CW C11 Altus Automatic


Two models are going to be available. An automatic powered by either an  ETA 2824-2 or  Sellita SW200-1 and a Quartz chronograph. Both are 42mm and have some interesting details. Particularly cool is the chunky 316L Steel Case, “black on black” date function at “4” and an engraved case back.


CW produce what could be described as “entry level” good quality watches but to consider them a budget watch company is to do them a disservice. They do two things I really like, firstly they produce affordable watches which are informed by, but do not slavishly copy classic watch design. They introduce just enough design elements to clearly make the watch their own whilst retaining some of the vital aspects which make the classic watch so cool. A good example in the C11 is the cutting off the edges of the square case. It looks great, differentiates the watch from B and R and retains the “aviation instrument” feel.


The other key thing CW do  is have seriously high standards in finish, materials and packaging. They are very honest about the movements used, no silly renaming of stock ETA calibers. You can see exactly what you are getting for your money, a good, solid well made chunk of metal and glass for people who care about watches rather than brands.

Bell and Ross make great watches but considering they use stock ETA movements before you drop a few grand on a BR-01 take a look at the C11, you might be very surprised.

Pre orders being taken now for a projected early september delivery. Automatic (non EU tax) is £332 ($550), Chrono  is £291 ($480).

Take a look: Christopher Ward C11 pre order

Images: Christopher Ward



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Last Update: August 21, 2011