Read all about it!  Sometimes, I come across the watch that I know I just have to bring to your attention – and today’s piece, on offer from the folks at Eberhard, is no exception.  And yes, it’s a stunning piece, but it was actually the name that put it into this post.

And what is the name of this 125th annivesary model, you might ask?  It’s the Extra-Fort (go ahead, say it in your head in the movie trailer guy voice).  Extra!  Fort!  And yes, I’m writing about this watch simply because of it’s name.  I just plain like it.

But of course, a watch doesn’t sell on it’s name alone, now does it?  Thankfully, this watch has a great list of features:

  • 41mm steel or rose gold case (15mm thick; 20mm lugs)
  • Movement:  Eberhard caliber EJ8150 (based off of the Valjoux 7750)
  • Sapphire crystals front and back
  • Water resistance to 50 meters
  • Chronograph
  • Big date display


Now, this is a limited edition piece (only 500 will be made).  That limited availability, plus that stunning movement (amirite, or amirite), means this isn’t going to be a watch you pick up on a whim (at least I won’t be).  If you’re in the market, though, you’ll need to visit a higher-end retailer (listed here) to see if any are still available, and at what price.


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Last Update: May 23, 2012