The Casio Digital watch is one that is instantly recognizable. In fact, I’m guessing many of us had one – of some flavor or variety – over the years. They durable, generally inexpensive, and they get the job done. Well, there’s a new metal rainbow on offer that takes things a bit higher-end.

Really, the metal is the story for the Casio Rainbow (aka A1000RBW-1A). The case itself is made of metal case with an ion-plated bezel, paired to a steel Milanese strap. This is all with the oil-spill rainbow treatment, all housing the good-old Casio digital screen and guts.

As this is part of their Retro lineup – and the fact that it’s got a lot more metal on it than a Casio digital normally has – the pricetag of $180 isn’t entirely unexpected. Check it out – and order your own – direct from

Details from Casio

Designed with a?rainbow ion plated bezel, Milanese strap, metal case and mother of pearl dial, the new A1000RBW-1A boasts features consumers have come to know and lovein the vintage lineupincluding?a daily alarm, 1/100th?second stopwatch, super LED light, auto calendar and more! It is now available for a?MSRP of $180.00 at select retailers nationwide, as well as

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Last Update: November 27, 2020

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