So, curious to see for yourself how the dark lume on the David Mason DM1A holds up?  Well, then, you are in luck!

The fine folks over at David Mason Watches have decided that one of our lucky readers will get to add our review sample to their own collection.  Our contests here are dead simple, and this one is no different:

  1. Head on over here and register your email address (if you haven’t already, that is)
  2. Comment on this thread letting us know you registered your email.  Also, if you like, let us know what your other favorite British watches might be.
  3. Optional:  be a pal, follow them on Twitter and/or like their FB page

As far a eligibility, you just need to be somewhere in North America, and the winner will be chosen on November 12th from completed entries.

Good luck!

Oh, and should you not remember the details from our review, you can check that out here.


  1. Registered! I love the look of the slightly off white dial and black numbers, and a GMT is a very handy complication. As for other Brit watch brands, I have to say they all have great qualities and great looks… pick one and I would like it! (That isn’t even mentioning the amazingness of Peter Speake-Marin or Roger W Smith!)

  2. Already reg. I’ve been a huge fan of Bremont. There are several I would like to pick up one of these years.

  3. Registered, and as for British watchmaking, I have always thought Timefactors to have an intriguing presence (if they can be thought to be a ‘maker’ of sorts).

  4. I’ve registered… thanks for a cool giveaway! Hard to say what my true favorite is, but I really like Fitzroy watches with their use of the green and purple.

  5. I registered. I don’t own any British watches, but I really like the look of this one and would enjoy wearing it around town.

  6. For the name/ history I really love Arnold and Son Hornet Worldtimer though I think if I were going UK made in the present it would have to be Bremont Alt base world timer. Have registered prior with the M.A book

  7. I have had 5 Christopher Wards in the past, and have loved them all! Also Bremont are a beautiful British watch manufacturer, albeit with high prices to match!

  8. Registered.

    Arnold & Son makes a truly gorgeous watch, the True North – totally unique and amazing !
    Bremont has had a couple really attractive pieces, but I shy away from less than 46mm….

  9. I would have to say bremont is one of my favorite british brands and graham if they can be called british. I really like the look of this David Mason you’re giving away, I’m keeping my fingers crossed til the 12th.

  10. Dear Mr. Kanza, Thank you for your review of the David Mason. As with the Bernhardt you made me discover a young watchmaking company. I visited their website and I informed them that I was made aware of their watches after reading your review. I wish them all the success that they deserve. You made me do some research about other watchmakers in the United Kingdom and although they are less numerous than in Switzerland I discovered a few namely J&T Windmills as well as Linde Werdelin. I am registered and congratulate in advance the person who will be fortunate to win the David Mason.

  11. Done! About my favourite, what else? Bremont without question! But I’d never say no to big watches. I really like the big, shiny with clearly visible indicators.

  12. I think this watch is very pilot/military cool. I like the color, with the black numbering. One other thing, the logo catches one eye. I own several Royal London watches. They have a retro (1939 WWII) watch collection people should look into if you like that style. Thanks!

  13. Registered. Great looking watch. As far as British watches go I’m a big fan of the value and styling that Christopher Ward puts out. I love the Schofield Signalman watch too.

  14. I’m registered. I love the look of that watch, and many other British watches – especially the vintage styled Christopher Wards.

  15. I just registered my email address! I have never owned a British watch however I would love to some day own one. The David Mason watch above is amazing! Also, I just found this site and have added it to my list of watch sites to return to daily.

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