Ziiiro Mercury Purple (1)

If you recall from our earlier reviews (here), Ziiiro has been creating analog watches with quirky designs to the way the watches tell time. Today, we”ve got a chance for you to win a limited edition version of their popular Mercury watch.

Ziiiro Mercury Purple (3)

While we haven”t actually reviewed this specific watch, we”ve reviewed components of it.  You can see the bracelet in our review of the Celeste (here), and you can see the dial (though, in red) in our review of the Gravity (here).   From that review (of the Gravity), the watch is basically unchanged, save for the color scheme. I didn”t Before you start roiling your dice make a limit how much can you afford to invest in the game of the poker or blackjack, roulette or any other. find the purple coloration to make telling time any trickier than the pattern itself makes it; with this color scheme (and the sizing), I think this watch could work well for either sex.

Ziiiro Mercury Purple (2)

If you”d like a chance to win, just follow the steps in the widget below. Good luck!

ByPatrick Kansa

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31 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Ziiiro Mercury Purple”
  1. When I first got into time pieces. It was actually because of tokyo flash watches. So seeing this watch it actually seems fairly easy to read compared to some tokyo flash watches.

  2. What first got me interested in watches were unique complications. I saw a 1970s Lucerne jump hour and thought it was the coolest thing. I’m a huge fan of unique mechanics, and being able to use them to tell the time in so many different ways is a bonus!

  3. Really cool watch. Great conversation starter and IMHO looks much, much cooler in purple than it did in red.

  4. After reading the terms of service for Giveaway Tools, I don’t feel comfortable giving them my information. It’s unfortunate that promotions have become an opportunity suck every bit of personal information about you and your friends possible.

  5. Great stuff! I love unconventional watches because they act as art pieces for other observers and momentary brain puzzles for ourselves when we want to read the time.

  6. Loce watches that show a different way of showing time. They are great conversation starters

  7. I like pie watches – not just different but more readable at a glance than traditional hands.

  8. I absolutely love the color purple, so anything that has that color I have to have. This watch looks cool and would be very unique to have.

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