Ok, so you remember how I told you the other week (see here) about the latest Seasons model from Gustafsson & Sjögren?  Well, that was really more of a sneak preview than anything, as they were still working out the final details.  However, we’ve received word that everything is finalized, so we can share with you the information that was sent over.  Of course, when you’re making watches based on the seasons, you can only make so many – and this one is the last of the collection.

GoS proudly presents – Winter – the last edition the Nordic Seasons series of watches designed with inspiration from the rich contrasts of the Nordic seasons. The theme for the Winter dial is ice. Ice is perceived as blue when light passes through it because it blocks red light. The shade is determined by the thickness of the ice, i.e. the thicker the ice the more saturated blue color.


I like the fact that, rather than just deciding they wanted a blue and white dial to represent the winter, they actually crafted a logic and basis for the coloration.  Additionally, they had to come up with new processing to enable those colors to come through on the damascus steel – no small feat (read my earlier article for details on that.)


As with all the other models in the lineup, the movement inside is the ETA  6498, modified by Soprod to GoS’s specifications.  Other similarities are of course in the case, sapphire crystal, white gold hands and nubuck leather strap.  The last similarity is definitely not the least – this is a very limited edition, only five pieces will be made.


Interested in picking one up?  Head on over here for more information, and to inquire about availability and pricing.

All photos by photographer Håkan Ahldén

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