This amazing video shows two Rolexen side-by-side. One is real, one isn’t. The trick? The fake looks almost as good as the real one.

Knock-off manufacturing has gotten amazingly good in the past few years. While most fakes are easy to spot – don’t buy a ROLEKS, for example – it’s clear that this was a pretty impressive fake and well worth a closer look. The scary thing is that the only things that would let a buyer know that this was fake are microscopic. In fact, the easiest way to spot the fake is in the laser-etched crown on the crystal.

Buyer beware, etc.

Our thanks to Watchfinder for putting this video together!

ByJohn Biggs

John lives in Brooklyn and has loved watches since he got his first Swatch Irony automatic in 1998. He is the editor of WristWatchReview.

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