Welcome to continuation of the beginning of the end. Casio, long-time makers of watches that can survive nuclear blasts, has announced the Protrek Smart WSD-F20, an Android Wear watch for the hiker set.

The new watch joins a previous Smart watch, the WSD-F10. The WSD-F10 and the F20 will also adopt Android Wear 2.0.

The watch has low-power GPS and a color maps and it also includes a number of apps designed to make the most of the watch.

?The new WSD-F20 is equipped with low-power GPS and color map functionality that can be used offline, significantly improving its usability as a standalone wrist device. It supports a wide range of outdoor and water activities that can be used in areas without cellular service, freeing up users to fully enjoy their adventures. The WSD-F20 now incorporates richly-designed and easy-to-read map data from Mapbox, which is used worldwide. Maps can be downloaded in advance to the WSD-F20 and used with GPS data to track the user’s location, even when offline. The new Location Memory app enables users to customize maps by adding markers and text, so that they can revisit otherwise unmarked spots such as a great viewpoint on a hike or a good fishing spot.

The phone can download offline maps that you can view right on the watch and track your current location constantly. It can also notify folks if you end up falling off the path. It also stores locations as you trek.

?The Activity app displays real-time measurement data and has special functions for activities such as hiking, cycling, fishing, and snow and paddle sports. Now significantly upgraded, the app can use GPS data and color maps in the Hiking function to record the path traveled on a map, while also showing the course and maximum speed of each run in the Snow function.

It ships later this year.

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Last Update: January 6, 2017

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