Today, I’d like to bring you attention to a case shape that we don’t see a lot today – the humble rectangle.  While it does make for a smaller watch that some might prefer, it does make for a style that will serve you well in formal settings.  Today’s example was created by Glycine, a Swiss manufacturer that has been in business since 1814.

As I mentioned, this watch falls into a smaller category, at 39mm tall and 29mm wide (excluding the crown).  Take those dimension into consideration with the 10mm thickness, and you have yourself a very compact watch.  Of course, the watch itself wouldn’t be worth much if all it had going for it was its size.

Fortunately for us, there’s a lot on offer here.  The case itself contains an ETA 2671-2 automatic movement with time and date functions, as well as a 38 hour power reserve and water resistance to 30m.  MSRP for the watch is $1,425, but I found quite a few retailers online selling it for closer to $800.

This is a very subtle watch, and its simplicity speaks to me.  There is another dial variant that has all of the hourly digits shown, but I feel that it just clutters things up.  The example shown here, model 3809, reduces the timekeeping to its simplest elements – you’ve got  the time and the date, and nothing else to complicate the display.  The technical specs of the movement, combined with the aesthetics of the case and bracelet, make for an understated yet luxurious timepiece.



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