There’s just something about an Alain Silberstein design. Between the geometric shapes and bold use of primary colors, you know exactly who the designer was. Well, did you know he’s also been putting those iconic looks into wall and stand clock form? Those have been done with Philippe Lebru, and are the sort of whimsical architecture that is just fun to behold. Well, if you need something a bit less colorful to convince your spouse it’s time to get one of these, you’re in luck – new versions are coming.

The KB2 clock itself is unchanged, it’s just the color palette that’s used. The counterweight retains it’s bright red, but gone are the blue and yellow. Instead, you’re going monochrome, opting for an all-black or an all-white clock. Myself, I like the brighter colors in this format, but I understand it’s not the thing to fit every decor.

We presume that the same formats (wall clock or on a stand) will carry forward, and will no doubt be available at the UTINAM gallery, as well as the MB&F M.A.D. Gallery. Pricing? Again, we’re going on the prior models, with the wall clock going for 21‘600 CHF and the stand clock for 26‘900 CHF. Pricey? It sure is – but it’s functional art that you’ll admire more than some random painting on the wall, we reckon.

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Last Update: December 9, 2022

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