The “claim to fame” for these watches are the fact that they’re actually worn by around 90 active-duty Navy SEALS, and are torture-tested as personnel goes through their training. In other words, these watches are put through conditions you and I are not likely to see – and they survive!

So, how does the Patriot model endure such harsh conditions?  In large part, it’s due to the movement used.  I could rehash all the reasons they went with a Slava S-2427, but I think you’ll be better served by reading this post over at WUS from the owner of the company.

Of course, the 42mm stainless steel case (with screw-down crown) and domed (and AR-coated) sapphire crystal help keep things safe and secure as well.  You’ve got a functional bezel on top to help you track another timezone, and you of course have the standard hours/minutes/seconds on the watch itself.

In a nutshell, this is a very clean, very easy-to-read, watch that will take a LOT of abuse before it even starts to think about breaking.  Of course, that sort of durability, combined will small runs (only 500-600 pieces per year) don’t come cheaply.

The one I’ve shown here, with the blue accents, runs at $1,365.  For that price, you also get a sturdy Pelican-style storage case, and three straps (a nylon and exotic of your choice, plus a diver’s one) along with a tool for changing them out.

Let’s just hope the founder, R.E. Smith, can find some more time in between his “day” job (he’s still active-duty) to bring us some more American-made innovation.

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  1. I have a couple of these, and another thing to consider is the nuclear lume. Thing glows like no other watch out there.

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