When we last talked to Eric Singer he was talking up Ball Watches on YouTube. Now he’s gone full-bore into collecting, talking about his many watches with the NY Times.

?A love of watches — and music — is in his blood. “My dad had some nice watches,” he said. “I would take them out and play with them, before I knew I shouldn’t.

“He had a Jaeger-LeCoultre Day Date Triple Month Calendar Moonphase. It was so cool — I could see the man in the moon. He owned a Gallet mini chronograph, the world’s smallest chronograph. I thought it was just a cool stopwatch.”

Mr. Singer recalled that his father, who was band leader for the Meyer Davis band and his own Johnny Singer Orchestra, gave him his first watch, a mechanical timepiece from Germany, when he was just 5 or 6 years old.

Singer is one of many rockers who are hardcore into watches. You can see a few fun photos here including Elvis in a Hamilton and John Lennon with a Patek and I know that Eric Clapton is a mechanical fan. I guess they need something to keep the time.

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