It’s a brand new month, and that means one thing (generally) here at WWR – it’s time for us to spin up another giveaway.  While last month gave you the chance for a mechanical with a lot of calendar-related complication, this month we have something that is much simpler – the very spacey G. Gerlach Kosmonaut.


As I noted in my review last month, this is a modern interpretation of a design that was actually flown into space back in the day.  In fact, you may have seen a watch (depending on how old you are) with a very similar sort of display technology being rocked.  Fortunately for us, the materials are vastly improved (including a sapphire crystal), and there is something to be said for modern fit and finish (which gets you a modicum of water resistance).


The interesting thing about this watch that is in the giveaway is the fact that, were you asked to think about watches worn by astronauts (or kosmonauts, as the case may be) you probably would not think of a digital like this.  You would of course call to mind the Speedmaster, and perhaps even something from Strela.  Those are no doubt nice watches, but digitals like the G. Gerlach Kosmonaut certainly have their place as well.


Now that the weather will be turning warmer, and you can spend your nights laying out on the grass gazing up at the stars, what better watch to give away than one that was inspired by another watch that went up into space?  Better yet, one that you can read the time on in the dark – at a push of a button – without destroying your night vision?  To get your entry in for this month’s giveaway, we have the usual multi-part process:

  1. Comment on this article letting us know what your favorite star-gazing spot is (if you don’t have one, well, let us know your favorite space-related watch)
  2. Head on over to the giveaway page and follow the instructions there to complete your entry

Bear in mind, you must do both steps for your entry to be qualified; we do match the email addresses between the contest page and the comments.  That bit of housekeeping out of the way, there is only one thing left to say – good luck!


ByPatrick Kansa

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37 thoughts on “The WWR April 2016 Giveaway: G. Gerlach Kosmonaut”
  1. I wish I had a place to look at the stars… My favorite space watch is the Seiko Pogue.

  2. there was this hill near the lake where i was spending holidays years ago. you could lay on the slope and watch stars.

  3. Geraldton Western Australia laying on my front garden looking up… ISS passes over regularly

  4. Hmm, my favourite stargazing spot ever would have to be Uluru. But don’t take my word for it…

  5. There’s a piece of dirt road a few miles from where I grew up. When the corn is high and the nights are warm, I could stay there until dawn!

  6. My favorite spot is in Cascade State Park in northern Minnesota on the bank of Lake Superior. At dusk the stone beach, the water, and the sky are all the same shade of gray. Then the stars emerge and it’s so clear you can see the reflection of Venus on the lake. It’s truly awesome.

  7. Stuck in the orange nightmare of Phoenix trip north to the Lowell observatory. Space watch wise which ever Sinn made it up on Shuttle ,probably the 141. Having seen the SEIKO Spring Drive Spacewalk though I could be open to persuasion

  8. There’s a spot up Chapman’s Peak in Hout Bay, Cape Town that I always used to chill at and star gaze when I lived there. I saw countless shooting stars and once even a meteor shower from there.

  9. Koh Kood in south east Asia is the nice place to watch star at night and clear blue sky at day with crystal clear water.

  10. The ‘Walking Dunes’ in Montauk, NY are my favorite local spot. Nice dark little bowls to peer up at the night sky from. ‘Walking’ because these dunes are on the march from NW to SE over the years engulfing the forest as they go. Bravo on the sapphire crystal

  11. well,now a days i don’t really do that much!!!

    but when i was younger,i loved to lie down in the middle of the football field in my holidays Camping park!!!!!

    it was in the middle of nowhere and very dark so the sky really shine!!!!

  12. My backyard- Santa Monica Mountains near the old Nike Missile LA-78 IFC Site- deactivated in ’74.

  13. from the backyard of our countryside house, in the middle of Transylvania. Amazing spot.

  14. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the stars as clearly as when I used to camp in Idaho.

  15. On my back deck, overlooking a watershed ridge in Northern California, is my favorite place to stargaze. I sit in the dark and wait until my eyes adjust. I always have a watch on, but this is one of those rare times, on my back deck, stargazing, that I never look at my watch. A watch doesn’t just tell time; it tells of our relationship to time. Looking at the stars overpowers any watch. Besides, my wife will tell me when it’s time to come inside.

  16. i have to level with you, I love all the watches shown on this site and would be thrilled with almost any one of them. with that said I rather like this one for its historical intent. I remember very old led watches you would have to touch to turn on and always wanted one.

  17. The best place I’ve watched the stars is camping on a beach near the ocean. Cloudless nights and the sound of the surf. 🙂

  18. I would be thrilled to own a Speedmaster but to me the Strela is my favorite space watch. Maybe because it seems more exotic to me. Beautiful stylish timepiece

  19. I had an LED watch like this as a kid. I had to save up to buy it. It cost me $20 at Radio Shack which was a lot of money for me at the time!

  20. Anywhere where you can see a decent number of stars, alas not in my very crowded region of Holland’s “Randstad”. I would say one of Switzerland’s rural region’s! There I spotted many stars appearing in the evening night sky, while camping in my youth with my uncle and aunt during summer holiday.

  21. This watch looks amazing. My star gazing is in a place just outside Calgary Alberta Canada …more interesting is the connection to my heritage….Garlough was deriven from Gerlach and i would love ro give this to my father as a gift (should I be fortunate in winning this watch!)

  22. My spot is sitting on the bank of Lake Ontario in Toronto and gazing at the stars.

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