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G. Gerlach

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Welcome to Watching the Web, our weekly series of a peek around the internet to find interesting watch related articles. And, we also get to crow out the articles you found most interesting over the last week or so. This week, Hodinkee gives us Shinola’s responds to the FTC, ABTW checks out the Ressence Type 5, and Monochrome brings us the full line of MB&F watches. From our website, you guys found our articles about the Momentum Atlas 38, G. Gerlach Submarine, and TWCO Salvage Diver the most interesting (or at least the most read).


As Matt noted in his original writeup on the G. Gerlach Kosmonaut, this is indeed a watch that draws very heavily from the past. Specifically, the first quartz watch made in Poland, and the one worn by Polish Kosmonaut, General Miroslaw Hermaszewski. While I may not have traveled space, I could not help but to think of Major Tom as I wore the watch. Let’s see what I thought of the piece after spending some time with it.


OK, it may be a few months before Marty McFly gets Doc Brown’s DeLorian up to 88 miles per hour, but Polish watchmakers G. Gerlach have gone decidedly retro with this red LED watch now available from the site. The G. Gerlach Kosmonaut is an stylish update to those 7-segment LED watches, and specifically to the watch worn by the first and only Polish Kosmonaut, General Miroslaw Hermaszewski.


When is a dive watch not a “dive watch?” Well, when it pays homage to the submarine service, as the G. Gelach ORP Orzel 85A watch does, now available from this Polish watch maker. The watch commemorates the ORP Orzel, a modern (by WWII standards) submarine from the Polish Navy that escaped from the Baltic Sea at the onset of WWII and found service in the British Royal Navy until her sinking in 1940 (her short history on Wikipedia is worth a read).