“It is difficult to measure the level of madness that sometimes prevails in the world of collectors,” write the freak shows at Label Noir. “The most affected, satiated to possess all forms of rarities or treasures among the most in demand, venture into the limitless path of personalization. They would even be ready to require the modification of a legend caliber. Thus they can associate their name with mythical models to which they bring a touch of their personality, as was the practice at the origins of watchmaking.”


How do they express this desire in practice? By sticking a damn tourbillon into a perfectly good Rolex Daytona, something akin to sticking a modern Lexus engine into a classic Alfa Romeo Spider.


Luckily they only made one of these abominations for some dingus of a collector with more money than sense. I mean after all you gotta bring in that cheddar. More from Label Noir:

From a Rolex Daytona reference N° 116520 series model, which no longer appears in the catalogue since it has been replaced byreference 116500 (ceramic bezel), Label Noir has agreed to offer its customer the fulfillment of its wish, with respect for the fundamentals of watchmaking and in the context of uncompromising ethics: to add a tourbillon to the 4130 caliber of his Daytona, the complication of complications. And by the way, soaking the piece in an aesthetic bath that gives it a visual coziness with the most mythical of timepieces, the famous Paul Newman steel watch dating from the 1970s and still the most expensive wristwatch ever sold to this day.

The eagle-eyed among you will note that this is a new watch and not some classic piece from the 1970s. Therefore the damage is limited only to this century and does not butterfly-effect its way into the deep past. No price on this one but I think we all paid the price for having to look at it.

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Last Update: June 20, 2019

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