Lum-Tec is, in all likelihood, a brand that really needs no introduction to our readers.  Their own watches have no shortage of popularity, and the Ohio-based company has been assembling quite a few of your favorite micro brands over the last few years.  Just recently, we received word of something CGA (also known for the Minuteman Watches and some interesting pocket knives) to help out with a charity.

Now, the charity that CGA is supporting is one that I really, truly wish did not need to exist, but it does.  Operation Underground Railroad is an organization that is going around the world to save children that are being trafficked, bringing them back to safety and helping them with counseling and rehabilitation.  They also focus on bringing the perpetrators to justice, all in conjunction with local law enforcement.

So, as I say – this is an organization that I really wish the world didn’t need, but this is obviously not the case.  Now, if you wanted to support them in their efforts (disclaimer time – I don’t know anything about the group other than what I read on their site), you could certainly donate directly.  Or, if you like, you can put your watch purchasing habits to good use as well.

As CGA will tell you (and, I suppose, just about any Lum-Tec dealer would), Lum-Tec watches are supposed to be sold at full retail pricing.  So, what CGA is doing, instead, is taking a majority of their profit from Lum-Tec sales and directing it to Operation Underground Railroad.  Depending on the model of Lum-Tec that you buy, this could net the organization between $75 and $250.

As with any scenario like this, be sure to get familiar with the charity that you’re going to be supporting.  If you were already on the hunt for a new watch, and want to see that planned purchase do some good, then this setup from CGA may be something you’d want to check out.  For everyone else, it’s good to be aware that these organizations do exist, and could likely use your help in saving kids around the world.

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Last Update: June 28, 2017

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