As a kid, I remember characters (in books or on TV) talking about running off to join the Foreign Legion (for some reason Bugs Bunny in that uniform is coming to mind).  Regardless of my fictional fascination with this organization, the French Foreign Legion does indeed exist to this day.  With that in mind, MATWATCHES created a special edition (150 pieces) of their AG6 to commemorate the force.  The model is the , and it features the following specs:

  • 44mm stainless steel case (15.5mm thick); brushed finish
  • ETA 2824 automatic movement
  • 4mm thick sapphire crystal with AR coating
  • 9mm screw-in crown
  • 300m water resistance rating

ag6-3-legion-etrangere (2)

  • Inclusion of the logo at 6 o”clock and on the caseback
  • Use of the official colors (red and green)
  • Made the strap from the same leather used in the Pioneers” Apron

Now, it”s that last point that really sealed the association for me.  Frankly, any brand can slap a logo on a dial, or etch it into a caseback.  And yes, while that”s intriguing (especially if you have an association to the organization), tying it to the specific materials utilized by a military branch is an excellent level of detail.

ag6-3-legion-etrangere (1)

As far as watches go, this one does seem quite legible, and the bezel seems to be useful, with nice texture to it and a lumed pip (probably more practical than a lumed insert if you were headed into the desert).  Another great selling point for this piece is that the hands are very well proportioned for the chunkiness of the watch.

ag6-3-legion-etrangere (3)

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