Meet the Nanodive, a watch so black it can’t get much blacker. In fact, looking at this watch is like that scene in Spinal Tap when they receive the pressings for Smell the Glove: this watch can be none more black.

Featuring a nanotube-based Vanta black coating, the watch face is basically as black as black can be. It is also fully lumed under the face, offering a stark contrast between the face and the lettering. It features a mechanical Selitta movement inside a steel or PVD-coated case and starts at a reasonable 645 Euro.

From the product page:

Vertically Aligned Titania Nanotubes Arrays unique physical and optical properties reflect so little light that it can be described as the closest thing to a black hole. They can absorb up to 99.9% of virtually all incident light. This Superblack watch face is made in cooperation with the University of Pardubice, a cutting-edge nano technology research center, based in Czech Republic.

The whole kit looks like a fairly standard setup: a nice case, a rotating bezel, and a leather strap. The real draw, obviously, is the access to the Vanta black dial, a dial so dark that it reflects no light. I haven’t seen any other makers attempt this and it’s going to be very interesting to see these folks pull it off.

The entry-level watch costs $700 and will ship in April 2022. You can pick up a 99 piece limited edition version for a little more and, as always, buyer beware: who knows if these guys will ever ship. That said, it’s a cool way to take part in the Vanta black revolution.

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Last Update: August 27, 2021