Introducing the Nomadic Empires Collection from – Amir Watches

March 10, 2017 . by Neal Goodacre

We here at WWR have reviewed watches from all over the world, covering releases from a variety of countries.  Today, however, breaks new ground.  The Amir Watch Company is headquartered in Kazakhstan (of note, they are part of the Miami Watch Company, who also owns Stranger Watch Company). Their aim is to bring more exposer to Kazakhstan by releasing…

Padron Tessera X-Ray fully funded on Kickstarter

February 20, 2017 . by Ken Nichols

Padron makes another strong showing on Kickstarter with a skeletonized automatic.

Straton Syncro brings a duffel to a car race

February 10, 2017 . by John Biggs

Another day, another classic-looking Kickstarter watch that tickles a few of the pleasure spots in this jaded old man’s heart. This time its the Straton Syncro, a racing-inspired watch that is being sold with a matching duffel bag. As the old wedding adage goes “You’re not just buying a watch. You’re gaining luggage!” The watch…

Alexander Burhans is remaking the iconic Orbit watch

February 1, 2017 . by John Biggs

Come back with me to 1992. A gallon of gas cost $1. McDonald’s opened it’s first restaurant in Beijing. Aladdin and Sister Act were taking theaters by storm. A sewer exploded in Mexico. And Alexander Burhans released his unique Orbit watch with clever dotted date window. You can relive those heady days withe the reissue…

The Manchester Watch Works Equinox has hit the starting line

January 30, 2017 . by Patrick Kansa

We have been covering the releases from Manchester Watch Works since they first hit the crowd-funding scene.  Each one has been something interesting, so I was interested when I saw a new email come in from the brand announcing their latest model.  The Manchester Watch Works Equinox series just went live on Kickstarter today.

Step up step up to the Magical Mystery Braid Leather Bracelet!

January 24, 2017 . by John Biggs

Have you got a spare $13? Do you like leather bracelets? Buddy, I’ve got something nice for you. The nice guys at North Star Leather have kept me abreast of their Kickstarter to sell Mystery Braid leather bracelets for under a sawbuck. The straps are really nice. They’re made of fine leather and are really…

Boston and Stewill: British-ly Swiss

January 19, 2017 . by Victor Marks

From the heart of England comes a British watch by Boston and Stewill with a Swiss motor, and a sub-dial that takes influence from a man from Milan going back to 1909. Why have they made it? What spawned this most European creature? And why should you wear one?