I know, I know – it’s yet another mother-of-pearl dial.  Just bear with me here, because this is actually one I’m not sure that works so well.  And given that it’s coming from Omega makes me all the more surprised.

This particular model hails from their jewelry line, which would account for the gems embedded on the bezel.  But, I’m getting ahead of myself.  For this watch, Omega has started with their Seamaster Chronograph, which includes:

  • 45.5mm case
  • Omega 3313 automatic movement
  • 52 hour power reserve
  • 600m water resistance
  • Domed, AR-coated sapphire crystal
  • Date display

So, if you were reading this post, and didn’t see the picture up above, you might think this was just another Seamaster – why would I be hestitant to put it on my wrist?  As you can see, they’ve embedded diamonds on the dial and the bezel, as well as an orange gem of some sort in the bezel as well.  Add in the orange leather strap and MOP dial, and you’ve got one attention-getting watch.

I’ll say right off the bat I’m not particularly a fan of diamonds on a watch face – they don’t add much aesthetically, but they do jump the price up.  Past that, readers of this blog know I’ve become a fan of MOP dials, and Omega is a well-received brand.  I think they’ve made a mis-step here, and have made a bit of a (dare I say it?) ugly watch.  While I wouldn’t complain if someone handed me one as a gift, I’d definitely be hard pressed to actually purchase it myself.  Of course, if you feel differently, feel free to let us know in the comments!

ByPatrick Kansa

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