We’ve shown a few different Orient watches here over the last year, and they certainly seem to have a faithful following.  Today’s model is something rather unique – it offers a full twenty-year calendar on it!

The somewhat odd thing about this watch (not withstanding the busy dial) is that I was unable to find any information on it directly from Orient (either their main site, or the USA-specific one).  So, what I’ve got here is what I’ve pulled together from some searching around the web.  The model in question is the Orient Automatic Calendar (Ref. FEU07008DX), and it can be found on all manner of third-party resellers (and the ‘bay) for a little bit over $100.

What do you get for your money, other than a fancy-schmancy calendar function?

  • A 44mm stainless steel case (only 9mm thick!)
  • In-house automatic movement
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Screw-down crown and case back
  • 100 meter water resistance rating
  • Lumed hands and indices
  • Three-hander time and date display

Now, if you had just that list of specs above coming in around $100, it’d practically be a “gimme” to add it to your collection, wouldn’t it?   Here, of course, you’ve got a great deal more on tap with the perpetual calendar.

I think it could make for a more complicated movement when it comes time for servicing, but it is still a pretty cool feature.   And while it does make the dial more complicated to read, I like that it’s done in a balanced manner.  And, if you’re just glancing to check the time, that isn’t impacted very much.

So, who is this watch for?  In my opinion, just about anything from the Orient line is good for the person looking to purchase their first automatic (assuming the Orange Monster isn’t an option).  Here, you’ve got a very compelling price/feature ratio for just about any watch collector looking to add something a little bit different to the ol’ watch box.

One thought on “Orient Multi Calendar”
  1. Just to let you know I read your review on the Orient multi-year calendar watch and I understand why it is so brief. These watches have become very difficult to find. I have owned one for about four years now and like it a lot. I find it easy to wear and comfortable on the arm. The dial may be a little cluttered but it is not difficult to tell time. For an in house manufacture it keeps good time. If it can be found I would recommend it to anyone who like this type of watch or is looking for something a little different.

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