Patek Philippe Nautilus

The Patek Philippe Nautilus in stainless steel is one of the most sought-after watches in the haute horology pantheon. Renowned for its distinctive design and exceptional craftsmanship, it has established itself as one of the world’s most famous and most-desired luxury watches.

Crafted from stainless steel, the Nautilus exudes a sense of understated elegance. Its iconic octagonal shape, paired with the intricate horizontal lines on the dial, create a visually striking timepiece that stands out from the crowd.

But the appeal of the Nautilus extends beyond its aesthetics. It is also a significant investment piece, with astronomical prices often commanded for rare editions. Owning a Nautilus in stainless steel not only showcases horological but also offers the potential for a substantial return on investment.

Patek Philippe is known for its unparalleled attention to detail, and the Nautilus is no exception. From the luminescent coating on the hour markers to the lockable adjustment for the gold central seconds hand, every aspect of this timepiece showcases Patek Philippe’s commitment to perfection.

One of the Most Expensive Stainless Steel Sports Watches

The Nautilius is, in short, an investment piece with rare editions commanding astronomical prices.

The Patek Philippe Nautilus is renowned for its high price point, which can be attributed to various factors that are characteristic of luxury watches and of the brand itself. Here are some key reasons why the Nautilus is so expensive:


  • Patek Philippe is one of the most prestigious luxury watch brands in the world. Founded in 1839, the company has a long history of watchmaking and is known for its superior craftsmanship, quality, and attention to detail.
  • The brand often positions its products as not just watches but as valuable family heirlooms that can be passed down through generations. This unique branding contributes to the perceived value and cost of their watches.


  • Each Patek Philippe watch is handcrafted by experts, often requiring many hours of labor. The intricate processes involved in the creation of each piece ensure a level of quality and uniqueness but also contribute to a higher cost of production.
  • The company uses high-quality materials for their watches, including precious metals like gold and platinum, and sometimes diamonds or other gemstones, all of which contribute to the cost.


  • Patek Philippe produces watches in limited quantities, so the supply is often restricted compared to demand. The Nautilus, in particular, is known for its limited availability and long waiting lists at authorized dealers, which can drive prices up even further in the secondary market.
  • The exclusivity associated with owning a Patek Philippe watch adds to its allure and demand, making it a status symbol.


  • The Nautilus, designed by the legendary watch designer Gérald Genta, features a distinctive porthole-shaped case, horizontal embossed dial, and an integrated bracelet, making it stand out in terms of design and aesthetics.
  • Some models feature complex horological complications which require immense technical skill to create. These complications are not just functional aspects of the timepiece but are also considered an art form in the world of haute horlogerie.


  • Watches from Patek Philippe, especially popular lines like the Nautilus, often retain or increase in value over time. They’re considered a good investment. The scarcity and enduring demand for these watches, coupled with the brand’s strong reputation, ensure that the watches remain valuable.


  • Luxury watches often carry high prices due to their positioning as premium or luxury items. The marketing and mystique surrounding these products can be as valuable as the materials, craftsmanship, and design that go into their creation.

The high prices of the Nautilus is often confusing. Patek Philippe further added fuel to the fire by essentially discontinuing the watch, turning the market white hot for the foreseeable future.

5 Reasons to Buy a Patek Philippe Nautilus

The Patek Philippe Nautilus is a prestigious timepiece that captivates watch enthusiasts worldwide. Here are five compelling reasons why you should consider investing in this iconic sport watch:

1. Iconic Design: The Nautilus boasts a timeless and distinctive porthole design, crafted by the legendary watch designer Gérald Genta. Its sleek and versatile appearance seamlessly blends elegance and athleticism, making it perfect for any occasion.

2. Excellent Investment: The Nautilus is not just a luxury watch; it’s also a lucrative investment. Its impeccable craftsmanship, limited production, and enduring popularity among collectors contribute to its impressive resale value.

3. Outstanding Performance: Patek Philippe is renowned for its exceptional watchmaking expertise, and the Nautilus is no exception. Powered by mechanical self-winding movements, the Nautilus delivers unparalleled precision and reliability.

4. Collectors’ Favorite: Owning a Nautilus signifies a true appreciation for horological artistry. With its history, craftsmanship, and undeniable allure, the Nautilus holds a special place in the hearts of watch collectors worldwide.

5. Additional Features: The Nautilus collection includes top models with exciting additional features. Whether you desire a chronograph, second-time zone, or perpetual calendar, there is a Nautilus variant that meets your specific needs and elevates your watch-wearing experience.

When it comes to sport watches, the Patek Philippe Nautilus reigns supreme with its iconic design, investment potential, collectors’ appeal, outstanding performance, and additional features. Indulge in the splendor and legacy of a timepiece that exudes incomparable class and timeless elegance.

How much does a Patek Philippe Nautilus cost?

The Patek Philippe Nautilus collection offers a range of models to suit various tastes and preferences. Here are some notable reference numbers, approximate prices, materials, sizes, and functions of different Nautilus models:

1. Nautilus 5711/1A-010 – This stainless steel model features a blue sunburst dial, luminescent coating on hour markers, and a date function. Approximate price: $35,000.

2. Nautilus 5712/1A-001 – Crafted in stainless steel, this model includes a power reserve indicator, moon phase display, date function, and a blue dial. Approximate price: $55,000.

3. Nautilus 5980/1AR-001 – Combining stainless steel and rose gold, this sports watch boasts a flyback chronograph and a blue dial. Approximate price: $85,000.

4. Nautilus 5726/1A-014 – This stainless steel model offers a combination of complications including an annual calendar, moon phase display, and date function. Approximate price: $45,000.

Please note that prices are approximate and may vary depending on factors such as availability and market demand. All things being equal, it will often be very difficult to find these watches at these average prices and when you do you must be absolutely certain you are purchasing the real thing. Counterfeit Nautilus watches abound online and if you’re not certain what you’re buying, do not buy it.

What complications does a Patek Philippe Nautilus have?

Each Nautilus model undergoes a complicated process that involves hand assembly and meticulous attention to detail, perfecting every element of the watch. Additionally, the Nautilus is crafted using only the finest materials, such as stainless steel or precious metals like white or rose gold. The unique octagonal shape of the case, inspired by a porthole, adds to its appeal.

Furthermore, the Nautilus collection offers a range of models with various complications, such as power reserve indicators, moon phase displays, annual calendars, and flyback chronographs, showcasing the brand’s technological expertise. Finally, being an authorized dealer and owning a Patek Philippe Nautilus is seen as a testament to one’s status and appreciation for horological heritage, adding to its exclusivity and desirability.

Complications at a Glance

Patek Philippe Nautilus watches boast an impressive array of complications. These complications are not only functional but also add a touch of sophistication to the timepieces. Let’s take a closer look at the complications available in the Nautilus collection.

One notable model is the Ref. 5990 aka the Travel Time, which offers a chronograph, pointer date, two time zones, and a day/night display. This chronograph function allows for precise timing, while the pointer date feature adds convenience to keeping track of the date. Two time zones enable frequent travelers to easily track time in different locations, and the day/night display ensures accurate timekeeping in any part of the world.

Patek Philippe Nautilus

Another remarkable timepiece is the Ref. 5740, which features a perpetual calendar, moon phase, and a 24-hour display. The perpetual calendar is an impressive complication that automatically takes into account the varying lengths of months and leap years, ensuring precise date tracking without the need for manual adjustment. The moon phase adds a touch of celestial beauty, while the 24-hour display allows for easy distinction between day and night.

Patek Philippe Nautilus

These complications, including the chronograph, pointer date, two time zones, day/night display, perpetual calendar, moon phase, and 24-hour display, make the Patek Philippe Nautilus watches an exquisite and functional choice for those who appreciate the art of watchmaking. With their attention to detail and commitment to perfection, Patek Philippe continues to dominate the market with their splendid collection of models.

Identifying an Authentic Patek Philippe Nautilus

Identifying an authentic Patek Philippe Nautilus watch requires attention to detail and a thorough understanding of the brand’s craftsmanship. Here are specific details to look for when determining the authenticity of a Nautilus timepiece.

First, check the luminescent coating on the hour markers and hands. A genuine Patek Philippe Nautilus watch will have a consistent and long-lasting luminescent coating that emits a bright and even glow in low light conditions.

Next, examine the quality of the stainless steel parts. Patek Philippe is known for using high-grade stainless steel, which has a distinct feel and weight. Genuine Nautilus watches will have solid, well-crafted stainless steel components that feel substantial in the hand.

Lastly, inspect the laser engraving on the watch. Patek Philippe pays great attention to detail, and their laser-engraved markings will be precise and clear. Look for accurate and well-defined engravings of the brand logo, serial number, and model number on the case back of the watch.

In conclusion, when looking for an authentic Patek Philippe Nautilus watch, be sure to check for a consistent luminescent coating, high-quality stainless steel parts, and precise laser engraving. These details are indicative of the brand’s commitment to excellence and can help ensure the authenticity of your Patek Philippe Nautilus timepiece.

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