For the past three days, we’ve been taking a look at the Hurricane watch from Charmex.  We’ve covered some company history, the movement, and the functionality and color scheme featured on this particular model.  Today, we’ll wrap the review up.

We left things off talking about the case, so let’s pick it up there.  Topping that case off you have a scratch resistant, anti-reflective sapphire crystal up front (stainless steel on the back of the case), that helps keep the watch (once the pushers are locked) dry on the insides at depths of up to 200 meters.  Way, WAY deeper than you’re likely to find at your local pool, for sure.  Of course, should you find yourself in the depths (or just a darkened room), the watch remains quite legible, given the superluminova on both the indices and hands.

In the end, I found this to be a very intriguing watch.  The aesthetics of the watch were superb, though I did wish it fit on the wrist a bit better (the bulbous case back has it sit a bit high).  Hearing that COSC movement working away is a delight, as is using the functionality that it provides.  And while I myself don’t know how to use a sliderule, it’s nice to see a manufacturer break away from just “another” timing or chronometer bezel.

Last, and certainly not least, I absolutely loved the propeller used for the seconds.  On most watches, I generally don’t rely on that to tell a timing (and hey, you’ve got a chrono here, for crying out loud!)  That said, I appreciate it being there, as it let’s me know the watch is still alive.  To that end, the use of  a propeller motif not only underscored the namesake of the watch, it also managed to freshen up the three register style that’s been around for ages.

One stumbling block to your ownership may be the price, as watches carrying a COSC certification don’t come cheap.  If you’re interested, thankfully you won’t have to wait for your watch to fly to you from Switzerland.  Their North American subidiary is actually the one offering the watches to us here in the States – just be ready to put down $2135 for this extremely accurate watch.

ByPatrick Kansa

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