If you recall, when I started out writing about the Ingersoll brand, I noted that they were the first company to be licensed to create time pieces with Mickey Mouse on the dial.  Today, we’ll be having a look at our first Ingersoll Disney piece, a pocket watch.

Why a pocket watch?  For starters, it quite clearly makes it stand out from the sea of wristwatches, doesn’t it?  Second, this is from a heritage (1930’s) lineup, so the pocket watch format makes sense.  Nicely, here, they’ve also gone with a mechanical (manual wind) movement.  This not only keeps things in line with an vintage feel, but also makes it more interesting to us watch folks.

On the dial side of the watch, you’ve got a fairly simple layout, with simple lettering and indices (of note, no lume on the dial or hands).  This leaves you to focus on the large Mickey Mouse taking up center stage, with his hands acting as the minute and hour hands.  Given how they’re not simple pointers, it can make telling time a bit imprecise.


That said, if you rely on the “crook” of where the thumb meets the palm, that’ll give you a fairly accurate readout.  You’ve also got three Mickeys running around on the seconds subdial, which has a small arrowhead to indicate where it is in the minute cycle.  In short, you’re not going to forget who this watch features!

Flip things over, and you get a pretty good look at the hammered bronze finish on the 32mm steel case.  You’ll also find the fourth (of five) Mickey images (the fifth shows up on the weight-end of the watch chain).  The case itself measures in at a relatively thin 10mm, so it’s simple to slip into a pocket (say, the change pocket of your jeans).

I was surprised, however, that there wasn’t a cover for the front of the watch, as I’ve experienced with other pocket watches in the past.  This means a couple of things.  First, you’ll want to be careful with the watch, as the domed crystal is the only protection for the piece in your pocket.

This also means that you have a very simplified operation with the crown – set the time, and wind the movement.  Nice and easy, I like it.  In terms of winding, I don’t have any power reserve specs on the FG968 mechanical movement, but it lasted through the day (and into the next) easily enough.

While retail on the piece is $399, you can find it under $350 (in bronze or silver) over on Amazon.  In many ways, I think this is a well put-together piece, in terms of construction, the nod to the line’s heritage, and the inclusion of the mechanical movement.  For myself, I don’t know that I’d look to add this to my collection – I’m just not a big pocket watch guy.  If you (or someone you know) is into them and/or Disney, then this would be a fun watch to pick up.

ByPatrick Kansa

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  1. Looks just like the original ones!
    Very cool, I’ll have to get one for my friend who is DISNEY OBSESSED! Who isn’t though, lol.

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