Mr Jones Sun and Moon 06It is the start of a new month, which means it is time for the September 2015 giveaway, a Mr Jones Watches Sun and Moon Miyamoto.  I did a quick review of the limited edition, and then the brand sent me the version that is in the permanent collection for a hands on review.  If you are a fan of the various Mario Brothers video games, or just like whimsical watches, this would be a watch for you.

Mr Jones Sun and Moon 01The watch is a quartz three hander, but the hour hand is a 24-hour disk with a sun for a daylight hour hand and moon for the night time hours.  As the disk spins, the sun or moon will line up with the 12 hour markers on the top half of the watch, indicating the daylight or evening hours.  In the top image, it is 10:29 AM.  In the image above, it is 37 minutes past midnight.

Mr Jones Sun and Moon 08We have featured a few Mr Jones Watches on our pages, but this was the first time I have actually been able to check out the build quality of the product.  As I stated in my review, this watch was a little small for my tastes, but the quality of the watch was great I would have no problem recommending it to anyone who wants something fun in this size.

Mr Jones Sun and Moon 02If you want to win this watch, all you have to do is:

  1. Comment below on this post with a line about what makes a whimsical watch for you, and
  2. Head over to the contest page and answer a simple question about the brand.

We do match up the name we select with a comment, so you have to comment below to have a valid entry.  Though it is not required, head over to the Mr Jones Watches web store, check them out on facebook, and like our page on facebook as well.



80 thoughts on “The September 2015 Giveaway: Mr Jones Watches Sun and Moon Miyamoto”
  1. There aren’t many cartoony, whimsical timepieces that would typically grab my attention, but this one does it. C’mon, who doesn’t love old school Mario Bros!

  2. Anything that makes me look twice when I check the time! One of my favorites is actually the Mr Jones Observatory. That sun-moon 24 hour dial is amazing!

  3. Quite honestly, probably a plastic cased swatch would be my whimsical watch…..but i would much rather see this miyamoto on my wrist.

  4. An unusual blend of atypical colors and shapes that don’t make sense at first, but slowly come together the longer you look at the watch

  5. A whimsical watch for me is one that combines the expected wearable aesthetic with a colourful and strong characterful design that is unique but also useful as a timekeeper and/or as a tool.

  6. A whimsical watch is something that shows that you have a bit of a sense of humor and don’t take yourself too seriously.

  7. For me a whimsical watch is something I could show off to others and watch them express genuine interest.

  8. In my mind, a well done whimsical watch is sort of like a well done concept album: it must competently express some theme above the medium’s framework. MJW totally succeeds at this and I would love to have this piece in my rotation.

  9. I have mixed emotions about MJW watches (the design doesn’t usually seem to “fit” me), but this one is pretty interesting!

  10. These watches are definitely for me
    I love the design and use to play Mario Bros all the time back in the day!

  11. What makes it whimsical for me is I take care of an elderly gentleman who just turned 95 On the 19th of last month. We have lots of discussions on several subjects, one of them is the sundial. Now that watch would get a good long conversation started with us! Lol I mean long!!!! We would be excited ????

  12. This watch would look good on my arm, and the younger patients at work would just love it. Maybe they wouldn’t think i was so old next to them after all. would make me smile at times of stress.

  13. Love the light, childish colours, the cartoon design, the unusual way of telling the time and how the time of day matches with the image on the dial.

  14. Glad I found out about this. Mr Jones Watches are definitely fun and colourful. I’m particularly impressed by the thought put into the design, as in this one, as in the Ambassador.

  15. Whimsical is a watch that has a sense of humor about itself and doesn’t take itself and its functions too seriously!

  16. I would really consider anything that’s video game-inspired to be “whimsical”, this is great though because of the nostalgia factor, it brings back memories of being a kid and playing Nintendo after school.

  17. When it comes to whimsy, I like to see a watch that doesn’t take itself too seriously and also doesn’t try to hide its whimsy. This one works on both levels.

  18. The dial is what I look for in fun watches. A Patek is wonderful for it’s elegance, this is wonderful for it’s fun!

  19. A whimsical watch throws out any pretense of telling time in the conventional way and instead challenges the wearer to not only read but think about time in a new way. Mario-influence meets minimalism!

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