Once you start getting more than a few watches, you’re very likely not going to want them just sitting out on the dresser or a night stand.  While there are plenty of options (various watch boxes, multi-slot winders, this grab-n-go case), I recentlycame across a gentleman making some gorgeous wood cases, by hand, here in the States.  The man in question is one Vernell Williams, and from his workshop, there’s some rather stunning pieces coming out.

The one he currently has up on his Etsy site is the one we’ve got in the pictures above.  The main body of the case is solid maple, and the top is made of hand-fitted maple, surrounding a piece of Starphire glass.  Within the case, it’s lined with suede, and the watch pillows are also of suede. No cheap vinyl to seat your watches on here!

Now, I’m going just on the pictures, but when I see workmanship like this, I can help but to take notice.  Mr. Williams is putting together some rather nice pieces from what  I can tell.  If you check out his Facebook page, you’ll see that he’s got some other options in the works.

Some of these are smaller variations on the existing model.  The most intriguing one to me, however, has some nice inlay work occurring (I’m just a sucker to see inlay (and varied colors that it allows) showing up in woodwork).  While the “stock” model (at $149) is a very nice looking box, I think going a more custom route (you can contact him here) would really shine.

If you pick up one of these boxes, please do let us know how they are in person.

ByPatrick Kansa

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