So, remember a bit back when we brought you word of the Feynman Cove? I found myself enamored of the dial design (particularly the hidden luminous wave), and as fortune would have it, we were able to spend some time with a prototype. Handy, since while the Kickstarter is closed, preorders for the Feynman Cove are currently open.

When I received the loaner in of the Feynman Cove, it reinforced the positive impression I had of it from the photos that were the basis of our prior article. To put it simply, this design makes the watch look and feel like a much higher-end piece than you’d expect for the pricetag. For starters, while the dial has a LOT going on with it (layers, textures, hidden lume) it looks almost stark, which allows the eye to pick up on the three circles (chapter ring, hour ring, and seconds ring) and the handset. Set over this, you’ve got that small badge that, while so simple, is just the icing on the cake of this dial.

Of course, if the badge is the icing on the Feynman Cove, the lume is the delightful cream filling. Of course, I expected to like the wavy seagrass pattern, but look at those hands. The lume practically fills them, side to side and pinion to tip. Then you’ve got the hour and minute tracks lighting up, and then the curved running seconds hand is fully lumed as well. All delightful, and just fun to look at.

Frankly, the entirety of the Feynman Cove is easy on the eyes. Between the gently domed crystal, alternating surface finishes, and even the pattern embedded into the rubber strap that picks up on the dial pattern, just makes for a very nice, cohesive, design. The strap is the weak point here, as it takes the watch from being a dressier piece to something trying to be sportier. Then again, 20mm lugs are easy to fill with any number of aftermarket leather straps. Then again, the watch IS intended as a dive watch – just one with a LOT of refinement to it.

Speaking of refinement, the loaner we got in of the Feynman Cove is indeed a prototype, so it isn’t 100% like what you’ll see should you pick one up. Some further changes they’re planning for:

  • The crown will be enlarged, and the design adjusted a bit
  • Lume will be increased
  • Prototype is 13.2mm thick; production will be 12.8mm
  • Sub-second dial will have Chinese characters at the 30- and 60-second marks

Now, lest you think I’m guessing at how the Feynman Cove works as a dress watch, do not worry – along with wearing this at the office (back when we were allowed to go to offices), I also quite easily wore the watch with a suit, and it worked just nicely. Basically, if you’re looking to get a so-called “nice” Swiss-powered watch that has a clever design, while still allowing you jump in the water without worry, then the Feynman Cove is one you should be checking out.

While the first time we told you about the Feynman Cove was due to it’s Kickstarter campaign (which is now closed), they do have it up for pre-order directly from their site. While prices will be higher later, you can get one at a discount now for about $766, which feels like a steal for this level of design wrapped around a Swiss automatic movement.

Review Summary

  • Brand & Model: Feyman Cove
  • Price: $766 (pre-order discount)
  • Who?s it for? This is for the dive watch fan that wants something a touch dressier
  • Would I wear it? Absolutely
  • What I?d change: The rubber strap, while nice, is a weak point in the design. As a secondary swap-in, it works. I’d like to see a leather option, or (better yet) a bracelet with end-links developed
  • The best thing about it: How the dial can be simultaneously stark AND have so much going on with it at the same time

Tech Specs from Feynman

  • Movement: ETA 2895
    • Operation: Automatic
    • Reserve: 50 hours
    • Frequency: 28,800 VPH
    • Jewel Count: 27
    • Angle Lift of Balance: 51?
    • Regulation: Up to 15 seconds plus divergence daily
    • Amplitude Range: 200? to 320?
    • Balance Spring Composition: Nivaflex NM
    • Hairspring Composition: Anachron
  • Case
    • Diameter: 40mm
    • Lug to Lug: 46mm
    • Case Height: 12.8mm
    • Lug Width: 20mm
    • Water Resistance: 200m
  • Strap
    • Material: FKM Grade Rubber (black)
    • Width: 20mm
    • Attachments: buckle & tang

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