Worth1000 is doing a “make up your own Apple product contest and they have a few interesting entries featuring the iWatch. Possible? Probably not. Cool? Yes.



  1. Oh No! I hope it doesn’t ever happen. Can you imagine, Microsoft would have to follow suit to compete. We would have a watch that Blue Screens, give you a wrong timezone, you would need to reboot, perform updates, and then it would get HACKED!

  2. The fact that microsoft would make a lame version is not a very compelling reason why Apple shouldn’t go ahead and make yet another amazing product.
    Yes, all microsoft’s lame ware gets hacked. Boohoo. make the switch.

    Now, back to the iWatch…
    Let us have it!
    Also, I think the screen, in this case, could exceed all “normal” sizes for a watch and be a bit bigger. And I’d add the ability to Bluetooth a small wireless keyboard that I’d keep in my backpack.
    Between my macbook pro and that watch… Nothing could stop me!!! MuWahahahaha!

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