Picture it: it’s the year 2030. The Earth is on fire, aliens wander our city streets hunting for human meat, and you’re trying to watch its Always Sunny in Philadelphia when you realize your satellite connection is misaligned. As you climb the empty, burnt-out building in which you live, you find yourself facing a problem: how do you recalibrate the dish when all of the calculators in the world have been destroyed by an EMP bomb?

The answer is simple: the $248 Caliper Slide View MKII, a quartz slide rule watch that will take an apocalyptic licking and still keep ticking.

The Slide View is the brainchild of Mikael Sandblom who created the original automatic version in 2017. This new model is simpler, clearer, and features a simple Ronda quartz movement to reduce the need for winding and maintenance.

The new watch is a definite refinement of the older version. The face and hands are clearer and easier to read and the added “cheat sheet” on the back is a nice touch. Sandblom also includes a clever practice card so you can learn how to use your new slide rule without having to futz with the watch crown.

Using the slide rule is quite simple. You can convert different measurements using a basic conversion factor or do simple math including multiplication and division. Thanks to the engraved factors on the back, you can easily access important conversions and be off to the mathematics races in an instant.

While the watch will never replace a handheld calculator, it’s nice to know that as the sun sets on another smoke-filled day in the blasted carcass of Old Earth, you’ll be ready to do some math.

  • Steel Case (316L Steel)
  • Mineral crystal scratch resistant glass
  • Water resistant to five atmospheres
  • Swiss Ronda quartz movement with five-year battery life
  • 43 mm case diameter, 10.5mm height, 22mm band width

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Last Update: June 23, 2020

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