This month, we have your chance to win a watch from the most popular style of watches there seems to be – a dive watch.  Something about that promise of rugged durability in the face of adventure, I suppose.  Which also means that it will handle bumping into your desk and doorframe at the office, no?

As Jim’s review points out, this really is more of a desk diver than a true dive watch.  While it does carry a rather nice WR rating (200m, which means you’re set for the pool this summer), the crystals are mineral (so not nearly as scratch resistant as you might hope) and the lume on the watch is, well, a bit less glowy than you and I might prefer.

Past that, Jim did find some issues with the 120-click unidirectional bezel, another cue that this is not for serious diving.  As a more design-oriented piece, though – or a true “desk diver” – then the Spinnaker Spence SP-5039 really does seem to be up to the task, along with it’s Seiko movement trucking along inside the 42mm case.

To have a shot at winning your own Spinnaker Spence SP-5039, you’ve got a simple (and standard) two-step process:

  1. Comment below on what you think the ultimate “desk diver” watch would be, and why
  2. Head on over to the giveaway page
Both leather and nylon straps are included, but the author much preferred the leather.

Our thanks to Spinnaker for sponsoring the giveaway; to our readers – good luck!

ByPatrick Kansa

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24 thoughts on “The July 2017 WWR Giveaway – a Spinnaker Spence SP-5039”
  1. This one looks like a great “desk diver” just because it doesn’t appear to have the mass and bulk of many dive watches

  2. The ultimate desk diver would be a Sub knock-off made of tungsten-carbide. I mean, if you’re going to dive through a desk, you PROBABLY want something pretty high on the Mohs scale. 🙂

  3. I’d say that the important aspects of a true desk diver would be to have the flavor of a true diver without the thickness, maintain the visual cues, but add that little “something” that would differentiate it from that true diver

  4. A desk diver needs to be at most 40mm, with a dial similar to the Blancpain fifty fathoms. Its case would be mixture of brushed and polished finishes.

  5. One that looks like a true diver, but without the bulkiness that comes with a diving watch

  6. A desk diver should fit under a cuff easily. It must be ready to go with a suit as well as with a Tshirt, and not look out of place. Also it is good, if it is a good conversation starter with its own story. Halios Laguna would fit the bill perfectly.

  7. It would have ceramic incorporated into the watch , as well as a smart watch feature to give the timepiece that extra something that we all desire.!

  8. Definitely it has to look like a diver watch, but does noy have to be WR at all,so it can fit under the cuff

  9. The ultimate desk diver has to fit under the cuff and have STYLE. Functionality is great, but it has to have style.

  10. The ultimate “desk diver” watch has to look smart, it has to say … yea I belong on this side of the desk and I didn’t have to kiss ass to get here … it has have the look of respect because … where I’m sitting I earned it, not because my daddy gave it to me. A smart looking watch like the guy wearing it.

  11. On the thin side, 12mm or less and smaller diameter, appr 40mm. Not as heavy as well.

  12. The ultimate desk diver would be a great looking watch, versatile to match with variety of attire and expensive so that no one want to take it to dive

  13. For an ultimate desk diver watch I would prefer one that is one the lighter side while still being very stylish, something like a Seiko SKXA55 “Orange Bullet”.

  14. I’m going with the Seiko SKX range. There is something for everyone. The prices suit entry level desk-jockeys. They have legit watchfam cred as an entry level gateway drug.

  15. For an Ultimate Desk Diver watch would be a classic looking design sword hands great lum ceramic bezel Large stainless case and band and Bar indices not dots.

  16. It can’t have a stainless band, because of “desk rash”, so silcone band. It has to be a little dressy for showing off at meetings. All the functions are for counting down how much time is left until happy hour.

  17. I’d say that the ultimate “desk diver” would have to be either the Seiko SKX series or a Steinhart Ocean One. Both offer the visual cues of famous dive watches and range from both understated colors and designs to more fashionable ones. Plus the price range is just right.

  18. The ultimate desk diver would be one that has the feature of a office watch, which will fit nicely under the cuff and not fancy as a Rolex. It should have the durability of a diver to limit the unpleasant potential dings and scuff marks. Finally, the watch should be elegant enough to use as a going out watch and again, not flashy as a Rolex. I lean towards Seiko’s Samurai and NTH’s Amphion for all of this.

  19. Being at the desk most of the day I can say for certain that a steel band, although visually real nice, is awful to wear.
    You get the rash on the buckle and a portion of the band which hurts the soul but also it damages the laptop by rubbing against it. The best I have found is using a nato band as the buckle sits off to the side. Failing that your next best bet is a rubber or leather BUT having the buckle not have PVD on it. Even though PVD is “touch” it will wear down with use at a desk.
    As watches go, it would more than likely be your every day wear watch. Something that looks good but reliable. For a quartz can do something like an eco drive with perpetual calendar so you will always be on time to your meetings or go with a black monster for that automatic movement touch (both not on a steel band)

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