It has been quite some time since we’ve given away a watch with a dial that gives you a view of more than just the balance wheel of a movement.  Well, it is summertime now, so what better time to give away a watch that has shed it’s dial?

That’s right – back in some frozen times, Ken reviewed a prototype of the Caliper View, and this month we’re giving away a production version, in black (the A20).  Watches of this nature – without much of a dial to speak of – certainly are not for everyone.  They can have troubles being readable, the Caliper View seems to actually be done some favors by the Miyota movement, as there is not a lot of ornamentation to distract.

On top of that, the white-tipped hands stand out in stark contrast to the grey of the movement, and the minute hand stretches all the way out to the chapter ring.  Both of these, together, should keep readability at the fore.  Along with the dial removal, the bracelet is one that should not weigh you down in the warm weather, as the steel mesh will keep things breathable but still secure.

As always, we have a simple two-step process in place for you to get your entry in for this brand-new Caliper View.  One change for this month is that the contest is open to anyone worldwide; you will be responsible, however, for any customs duties.  To get your entry in:

  1. Comment below on what your favorite watch is that has a skeletonized dial, or no dial at all.
  2. Head on over to the giveaway page to complete your entry.

Our thanks to Caliper for sponsoring this month’s giveaway; to our readers, good luck!

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Last Update: February 17, 2017

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